Accused lawmakers to be suspended, says NA chair

Chitwan, June 10

National Assembly chairman Ganesh Timilsina today said that a provision would be made in the Act whereby lawmakers accused of crime would face suspension.

Speaking at an interaction programme organised by Federation of Nepali Journalists Chitwan Chapter in Bharatpur, NA chair Timilsina said that though the regulation had no provision of suspension, the Act would incorporate this provision.

“The regulation is not final. We shall bring out a stricter Act,” Timilsina said. He said that this time lawmakers would not receive pay and perks during the trial period even if they did not face suspension. He said they had removed the word suspension simply to calculate the quorum in the Parliament. He said lawmakers accused of crime could not participate in the parliamentary process.

Timilsina said law makers could not be above the constitution, law and act. “They have to be disciplined and abide by the prevailing law of the land,” he added. He said it was a foolish idea to bring people under rule of the law while giving immunity to lawmakers.

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