Action for indiscipline: Sushil

NEPALGUNG: Nepali Congress acting president Sushi Koirala said on Friday that the party would take action against those who are against the party policy.

Speaking to his party cadres at his residence in Nepalgunj, Koirala acknowledged that acts of indiscipline are rampant in the party. He alleged that some of the leaders are behind such incidents. He added that Wednesday’s incident that occurred in the party headquarters is such an example. He assured the cadres that action would be taken action through the central committee meeting. However, he did not disclose what sort of action would be taken for the incident.

In another context, Koirala said that he had already tendered his candidacy for the post of party chairman in the party’s upcoming 12th general convention to establish institutionalisation and democratic culture in the party.

Koirala is on a visit to Dailekha, Jajarkot and Rukum for the party meetings.