Action taken against ambulance driver

Dhading, April 18

The local administration in Dhading has started taking action against ambulance drivers, who refuse to give service to fever patients.

District Police Office, Dhading, has started taking action against ambulance drivers after they refused service to fever patients even though the drivers were provided with protective gear.

Information Officer at Dhading, District Police Office DSP Rupak Khadka said a case of misbehavior was filed against ambulance driver Kisan Shrestha at Maidi Health Post in Jwalamukhi Rural Municipality.

Shrestha had remained out of contact when his help was sought to take a COVID-19 suspect from Amarai to district hospital on April 14. The suspect himself had reached the district hospital at 10:00pm on a motorcycle after the ambulance driver could not be contacted.

Irate locals, the next day had vandalised the ambulance while it was heading towards the rural municipality from the district headquarters carrying some medical equipment. They said the ambulance was useless as it did not carry the patient in an emergency situation.

Ambulance driver Shrestha was arrested after locals pressured the administration to take action against him. Further investigation into the case is under way, said police.

A version of this article appears in e-paper on April 19, 2020 of The Himalayan Times.