Acute water crisis in Baitadi village

Himalayan News Service

Sribhavar, June 13:

Over 50 households of Choukham VDC-1, Sribhavar, Baitadi, are compelled to buy water, thanks to an acute shortage of water. A number of people have been doing a brisk business out of the crisis. They fetch water from Deulagad, a local river, and sell a jerrycan-full of water at a cost of Rs 15-30. “Since it takes us over one-and-a-half-hour to fetch water from Deulagad, we are compelled to sell it to the locals,” says Har Singh, a ‘water merchant’.

“Owing to the water crisis, we take a bath and wash our clothes only once a month,” says Mohan Chand, a hotel owner.