JAJARKOT: Like every year, this year also residents of Khalanga have been reeling under acute shortage of water.

Locals of Khalanga spent half of their day in search of water.

The district has been facing scarcity of water for the past 78 years.

Though the dearth of water was only for few weeks in the past, this year, the scarcity of water begins from mid-February.

According to the statistics of the Drinking Water and Sanitation Sub-Division Office, more than 85 percent households in the district are provided with drinking water. However, looking the situation, the data seems to be bogus.

Raju Kumar Shakya, Chairman of the Drinking and Sanitation Consumer’s Committee Scheme no-1 informed the situation was normal until 1999 but with the growing population and less number of water resources resulted water scarcity in the district.

According to Rajendra Bikram Shah, Coordinator of the Civil Society, number of water resources in the district is less in comparison to the increasing population.

The problem abound after the concerned authorities turned a blind eye on the same.

Water resources should be increased according to the growing population and those water resources which are in sorry state should also be renovated.

Keeping in mind the scarcity of water, many drinking water projects have been started in the district,

A big drinking water projects has been started in the district to resolve the problem, however, it will take five to seven years to complete the work.