Pokhara, November 8:

Temporary teachers today padlocked all District Education Offices (DEOs) throughout the country. According to the central programme of the Temporary Teachers’ Struggle Committee, the temporary teachers padlocked all the DEOs today to put pressure on the government to meet their demands.

Temporary teachers, demanding that they be made permanent, padlocked the Kaski District Education Office today. Temporary teachers had padlocked all DEOs across the country on October 31 and November 1 also.

In keeping with the the programme of the Temporary Teachers’ Struggle National Committee, the Kaski temporary teachers’ struggle committee padlocked the DEO here.

The temporary teachers’ group, headed by its Kaski chairman, Bishnu Mani Lamichhane, padlocked the DEO. The teachers’ group also staged a sit-in on the DEO premises. The lockout will continue till Friday, teachers said.

“The agitating teachers will prevent newly-appointed teachers from joining the schools as these teachers will displace the working temporary teachers,” said Lamichhane.

He added: “New teachers are welcomed. But, the working temporary teachers should not be displaced.”

A report from Bara quoted the action committee coordinator Rabindra Giri as saying that the temporary teachers’ struggle committee there, demanding permanent posting, padlocked the DEO. The teachers also staged a sit-in on the office premises.

In Mahottari, temporary teachers padlocked the main gate of the DEO and staged a sit-in. They barred DEO staff from entering the office. “The DEO padlocking was to pressurise the government to meet our demands,” said Mahottari chairman of the committee, Radhe Shyam Jha.

A report from Biratnagar said temporary teachers padlocked the Morang DEO. The DEO staffs were compelled to stay inside the office after the padlocking, said district education officer Arjun Niraula. The padlocking will continue for another three days, said Pawan Kumar Karna, coordinator of the Morang temporary teachers’ struggle committee.

In Charikot, the temporary teachers padlocked the Dolakha-based DEO. Temporary teachers padlocked DEOs in all other districts as well.