‘Maoist-led coalition govt weeks away’

NARAYANGARH: Villagers and relatives welcomed UCPN-Maoist chairman and ex-prime minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal in a grand manner in his home town in Shivanagar, Chitwan, on Wednesday.

Dahal had arrived in Chitwan yesterday. After being welcomed by relatives, friends and villagers, he revealed that his purpose of coming to Chitwan was to revive himself for the ultimate battle of taking the country towards peace and development.

The UCPN-Maoist chairman who had arrived in his hometown without formally informing the party workers yesterday, returned to the capital today.

Dahal visited his relatives and interacted with party activists in Bharatpur yesterday. He said he had reached the climax of the battle for the development of the nation and had come to Chitwan to revive himself for the purpose.

Stating that he had sentimental attachments with Shivanagar, Dahal said, “I came here to gain energy for the final push for the ultimate battle. As I am speaking to you, I feel like I am gaining energy,” he said.

Prachanda’s father Muktiram had migrated to Shivanagar from Kaski district. Prachanda was accompanied by his wife and son Prakash.

He reiterated that a government with national consensus led by UCPN-Maoist would be formed within a few weeks. Stating that the government would not be able to write the statute and bring the peace process to a logical conclusion, he said the party would not join the present government.

He said the peace process could not be separated from drafting the new constitution.

The Maoist supremo also revealed that a big faction of UML would join his party in two to four days.