Aggrieved victims reject relief

MAHENDRANAGAR: Flood victims of Dekhalbhuli VDC in Kanchanpur have refused to take the relief provided to them saying that the authorities had not cared for their resettlement.

A relief distribution team returned from the area day before yesterday as the victims had not received the materials. As many as 80 families in Wards No 3, 6, 8 and 9 have been displaced by the flood. The relief will be distributed through the Red Cross now. The materials have been handed to the humanitarian agency for distribution.

Red Cross has, however, said it cannot distribute the relief as per the data provided by the police. Kanchanpur Red Cross chairman Keshav Dutta Panta said, “We have deployed volunteers to collect the exact data of the displaced.”

The local administration has said it had prepared 200 packs of relief materials. Fresh distribution bid will start from Routeli area.

Each pack contains a packet of noodles, two packets of biscuits, half-a-kilo beaten rice, a packet of Jeevanjal and four pieces of chocolate. Authorities have said 250 families have been displaced. Meanwhile, a committee headed by chief of Agriculture Development Office has been formed to find the exact number of victims.