Agitating locals threaten to obstruct NEA project

Lamjung, October 26

Locals from Udipur to Bhulbhule in Lamjung have warned Nepal Electricity Authority that they will obstruct the construction of transmission lines along the Marsyangdi Corridor.

The NEA has been working to enhance the capacity of transmission lines from 132 KV to 220 KV along the Marsyangdi corridor.

The agitating locals warned they would obstruct NEA’s work at a press meet in Beshishahar today expressing dissatisfaction over the amount of compensation received for land acquisition.

Chandra Bahadur Mishra, secretary of the Struggle Committee, said they would obstruct the capacity enhancement move of the NEA if their demands were not met.

The struggle committee has demanded public hearing among stakeholders. They also want NEA to make public the environmental impact assessment report. They demanded compensation for their houses and land that fell below the cables citing their lands and houses would not sell in the market and the financial institutes also would not accept them as collateral.

The project is scheduled to conduct public hearing at Bhulbhule of Marsyangdi Rural Municipality tomorrow.

The government of Nepal is preparing to expand the capacity of the transmission line from 132 KV to 220 KV with investment from World Bank.