Agitating parties plan to disturb NC village, municipal conference

Janakpurdham, January 21

Agitating Madhesi parties and organisations affiliated with them are learnt to be preparing to disrupt the upcoming village and municipal conferences of Nepali Congress.

NC is all set to conclude its village and municipal conferences across the country on January 29.

But United Democratic Madhesi Front and other organisations supporting the agitation have decided that they will disrupt the conferences in the districts where the agitation is on.

“As the front has taken a formal decision on this matter, we won’t let any of the party’s conference take place at least in these eight districts, where the agitation is on,” vowed Sadbhawana Party Dhanusha Chairperson Sanjaya Singh.

NC Dhanusha president Ram Saroj Yadav, however, seemed unfazed by any possible disruption warnings.

“Let the front do its job, and we will do ours,” he said, adding, “As there are already meetings, interactions and discussions happening in the VDCs and municipalities, the conferences won’t stop just because of the front.”

However, many local NC leaders are sceptical as in Dhanusha itself there are two factions.

“As the weaker faction is always up to some silly thing, holding the conference on that date here won’t be very easy,” a leader said.

Congress hasn’t made public the name list of its active members in most of these districts from Saptari to Parsa due to various problems.