All civic bodies may get fire engines

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Local Development (MoLD) is planning to provide fire engines and sanitary equipment to municipalities across the country.

The MoLD is collecting data of the same from civic bodies for the purpose. According to the MoLD, fire engines in most of the 58 municipalities in the country are either not functioning or they are in an irreparable condition. During emergencies, the municipalities cannot act and they remain mute spectators.

Reshmi Raj Pandey, joint-secretary, MoLD, said, “A fire engine in a municipality provides services throughout the district.” But the fire engines that were provided by international donors many years ago have broken down in many of the civic bodies, he added.

He maintained that the ministry is collecting data from the civic bodies and is also seeking support of donors for availing the resources.

“We are dealing with international donor agencies for cooperation,” he said. “We are also planning to propose India and then China for the fire engines and sanitary equipment,” he added.