Allowance for buffaloes!

Ramechhap, August 13

Sunapati Rural Municipality has provided the allowance to buffaloes that have given birth to calves in Ramechhap.

The rural municipality provided the allowance with a view to encourage farmers to keep buffaloes and feed them nutritious fodder.

The local level has distributed Rs 3,000 each to seven farmers after they submitted evidence of buffalo giving birth to calves.

Rural Municipality Chair Dhawa Lama said his office had started distributing the allowance to render appropriate care to the buffaloes and make the local level self-sufficient in milk.

The local level said that it would bring in more programmes to encourage farmers to start rearing buffaloes.

With the outflow of youths from the district to foreign countries, towns and cities in search of job opportunity, the number of youths involved in animal husbandry has dropped very alarmingly in the district. The allowance system is expected to encourage youths to get into animal husbandry.

Kewal Lama of Sunapati said this kind of incentive would help to respect animal husbandry and lure the youths into buffalo rearing.