RUKUM: It has been reported that as many as 5,765 school going age children have been deprived of education in Rukum.

The data came to light as the district child welfare committee Rukum decided to share the collected information on the occasion of National Children's Day 2015.

Man Bir Oli, child welfare officer, said schools were beyond the reach due to various factors but nobody had taken any initiative to ensure opportunities for them so far.

Poverty, polygamy and other factors are blamed for parents not wanting their kids to join school.

Meanwhile, it has also come to light that more than 57 per cent get married before they are 19 years old in the district.

As many as 838 pupils have been affected due to conflict, whereas 27 are working as labourers, 0.8 per cent children are yet to be immunised and 41 have been trafficked illegally, as per data.