Ambassador Upadhyaya's talks with India fail to make 'concrete progress to ease supplies'

KATHMANDU: Nepal's Ambassador to India, Deep Kumar Upadhyaya, on Monday urged the Indian government to ease supply of essentials including petroleum products to Nepal.

The Ambassador held a meeting with Indian Ministry of External Affairs' North Desk Head, Abhay Thakur, and asked him to ease supply of goods, which has been halted for nearly two weeks.

The meeting, however, could not bring any concrete result, according to a source at Nepal's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In response, the Indian official reiterated that the problem was due to ongoing unrest in Tarai region of Nepal, bordering India, a senior official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told THT Online on the condition of anonymity.

"Our Ambassador described problems Nepal is currently facing due to short supply of consumables to the Indian government," he added.