Ambulance service comes to a halt

Pyuthan, August 3:

Ambulance service has come to a halt for the past three days in the district.

Though there are three ambulances in the district, none of them are providing their services currently.

The ambulance belonging to the Pyuthan chapter of the Nepal Red Cross Society has been lying in a garage for the past three months.

An ambulance belonging to the Ambulance Management Committee (AMC) halted its service five days ago, while another one belonging to the Ex-army Organisation has not been plying for the past two days. The AMC and the Ex-army Organisation said the ambulance services were halted due to the lack of drivers. Bimal Subedi of the AMC and Ramesh Subedi of the Ex-army Organisation said they fired the drivers as they were found to be driving the vehicles under the influence of alcohol.

Patients in need of emergency treatment are having to face difficulties after the halt in the ambulance services. Chairperson of the Pyuthan Red Cross, Krishna Khadka, said: “The ambulance could not be repaired due to lack of funds.” “We are having difficulties in sending our patients out of the district for further treatment,” a doctor of the Pyuthan district hospital said. The hospital does not have its own ambulance service. “Patients are forced to hire private jeeps while doing so,” Dr Prakash Acharya said.