‘Amend statute to address Madhes issues’

Rajbiraj, May 23

NC leader Krishna Prasad Sitaula has said there is no alternative to accommodating the concerns of the agitating Madhes though constitution amendment in order for its successful implementation.

Speaking at a party-organised programme in Saptari district headquarters Rajbiraj today, the NC leader said, “Addressing the demands of the Madhes is an exigency of the present and for the same there is no alternative but to amend the statute.”

Further, reckoning the successful enactment of the statute as a precondition for political stability in the country, the Congress leader pointed out the need of the NC’s initiatives for the same.

“As Congress represents most of the parts in Madhes, it’s understandable that of all the parties it’s Congress that can and should take initiatives to address the grudges of the Madhes with regard to the nation’s recently promulgated charter and facilitate in its successful implementation,” he remarked, adding, “As the statute was an outcome of people’s sacrifice, it would be an injustice if we failed to implement it.”