Amend statute to implement republic: Oli

Kathmandu, May 9:

Senior leader of CPN-UML KP Sharma Oli today said that it is impossible to implement a republican order without amendment of the Interim Constitution of Nepal, 2007.

“Without scrapping Article 159 (4) in the Interim Constitution, implementation of a republican order is impossible,” Oli said. He also underscored the need to amend other odd provisions in the constitution to adopt democratically accepted principles. Oli was speaking at an interation on post-election challenges organised by the Constitutional Lawyers’ Forum today.

“The constitution should adopt a provision whereby the Prime Minister can be removed through a simple majority,” Oli said. He also said that the UML would not make any alliance with the Maoists until they totally disarm and correct the activities of the Young Communist League.

Senior leader of the Maoist CP Gajurel, however, said that there is no need of amendment in the Interim Constitution. “There is no need to amend the constitution because as per the existing provisions the Prime Minister would act as the head of the state,” said Gajurel.

Former president of Nepal Bar Association Shambhu Thapa called for promulgation of an Act to implement a republican order. He also warned against engaging in consensus politics while drafting the new constitution.

“Consensus politics that results in deviation from the basic constitutional principles would invite dangerous situation,” Thapa said. He also proposed for a camera proceeding after which the draft of the new constitution would be forwarded to the CA for approval.

“Otherwise the CA will not be able to draft a constitution,” he said. Constitution expert Dr Surya Dhungel was of the opinion that the Maoists have the political right to claim to lead the government but they do not have a constitutional right to lead the government.

“The Interim Constitution has envisaged a consensus go-vernment. This is its spirit,” he said. Dhungel also suggested the CA against going for ame-ndment of the Interim Constitution because it is mandated to draft a new constitution.