American told to pay Nepali woman 7.25 million dollars

Kathmandu, December 24

A court in Texas, has convicted Bindu Pariyar’s ex-husband for forcing her into adultery and working as a strip-dancer.

Dallas County Court Judge Martin J Hoffman ordered Tom Randell Sewell to remove all online videos and images of Pariyar and to pay Pariyar more than $7.25 million in restitution, according to a report published in The Dallas Morning News.

But Sewell wasn’t in court when the verdict was given and didn’t respond to repeated attempts to notify him about hearings in the lawsuit against him, the newspaper added.

According to the report, he tricked her into getting breast implants, hid her passport and ordered her to work in a strip club. When she didn’t make enough money, he forced her to have sex with men and then he filmed the episodes.

After she left him, she said, he made her an unwilling porn star. Pariyar, a 27-year-old Nepali woman and Sewell, 58 were separated in 2012. Her estranged husband hounded her online and called her a prostitute in her college website, according to the report.

Sewell had previously married Bindu’s relatives twice. He had invited her to the US with assurances of education and quality life.

There are more than 2,000 Web pages with these pornographic videos or provocative images. None of them, Pariyar was quoted as saying, were posted with her permission. And she says nothing shown in the videos or pictures was done by choice.

His former attorney in the case, Brian Shaw, has not represented Sewell in months. Sewell did not respond to a request for comment, according to the newspaper.

An official at the Embassy of Nepal in Washington DC informed that they had heard about the judgment.