ANNFSU for referendum to settle monarchy issue

Kathmandu, September 24:

The newly elected body of the All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU) today announced that the future of monarchy should be decided by a referendum during

an election to a constituent assembly.

The CPN UML-affiliated students’ body also announced to organise Mechi-Kali awareness campaign to press the government to institutionalise people’s republic and to solve 12-year-old conflict.

The campaign will advocate agendas such as constituent assembly polls and referendum, establishment of people’s republic, establishment of peace and end of commercialisation in education and guarantee of right to education.

ANNFSU chairman Thakur Gaire today said that the new central committee will work towards bringing political change in the country.

“The students above 16 should be given right to participate in the referendum,” said Gaire. He also said that the ANNFSU would engage in ideological struggle with the students’ wing of the Maoists to sort out differences.

The 18th national convention held on September 17- 22 endorsed a 14-point educational proposal, 11-point political proposal and 12-point international proposal.

Under the educational reformation, the convention endorsed compulsory primary education to all, free secondary level education and quality and accessible higher education.

The convention also endorsed a proposal to provide free educational materials and food to the students from Dalit, indigenous and backward communities, and employment opportunities to the masters’ degree holders.

The convention decided to strengthen its organisation by providing membership to 55 per cent of the students from grade 8 and above. The 18th convention elected 61-member committee headed by Gaire as president, Ram Kumari Jhakri as vice-president, Gokul Gharti as general secretary, Madhav Dhungel as secretary, Upendra Poudel as treasurer, 10 secretariat members and 46 central members.