ANNISU-R locks 22 schools in Sunsari

Second term exams affected

Itahari, November 26 :

Thanks to the ANNISU-R padlocking an examination centre here, thousands of students from 22 schools under Sunsari’s Duhabi source centre could not appear for the second term examination that was to begin from today.

The students who arrived there to appear for the exam found a notice pasted on the gate of Saraswoti Higher Secondary School in Duhabi telling them to go back, guardians alleged.

Thousands of students from Bishnu secondary school in Sonapur, Janata secondary school and

PB primary school in Simariya, Saraswoti secondary school in Aurawani, Panchayat lower secondary school in Dubabi, BP primary school in Duhabi, Basantapur primary school in Sonapur, Majdoor Kisan school in Madheli, Ramsitagunj secondary school in Chhitaha, including many others, missed the chance to sit for the exam.

Headmaster of Saraswoti secondary school Paltan Bhattacharya said ANNISU-R activists padlocked the school against the understanding, adding it has warned of stern action if the examination was held.

ANNISU-R had padlocked Saraswoti School a week ago, alleging that it had fleeced the students. The issue was sorted out after an agreement to slash school fees by 50 per cent, Bhattacharya said.

Sunsari secretary of ANNISU-R Madan Chudal claimed that the padlocking was in keeping with the union’s central level decision and occurred as the school failed to follow ANNISU-R’s request.