Announce assembly polls in three months: Gautam

Biratnagar, May 28:

UML leader Bam Dev Gautam today said elections to a constituent assembly must be announced within three months. Gautam was addressing the Koshi zonal level cadres meet here.

Gautam said the reactionay forces would get a chance to hatch conspiracies if the date for the elections is delayed.

Suggesting that the assembly elections need to be held as soon as possible as per the people’s aspirations and mandate of the agitation, he said: “Any delay will only strengthen the reactionary forces.”

He also said that the House could have straight away announced a republican set-up in the country.

Gautam laid emphasis on coming up with some alternative arrangement before dissolving the current House of Representatives. “The current House is not complete as some members in it had gone against the people’s movement”, he said.

“A House which upholds the aspirations of the people’s movement is the need of the day. An alternative mechanism needs to be found with the cooperation of the Maoists.”

He also accused the government of not working as per the aspirations of the people’s movement. He expressed hope that the talks between the government and the Maoists will be successful.