Anti-rabies vaccine crunch

Birgunj, March 9

A shortage of anti-rabies vaccine has been hassling the residents of Parsa district for long, hindering the treatment of rabies.

People bit by rabid dogs are forced to purchase anti-rabies vaccines from private clinics at exorbitant prices due to the shortage.

There has been a shortage of government-distributed anti-rabies vaccines in public health institutions in the district for two months now.

Although the vaccine used to be provided free of cost at Narayani Sub-regional Hospital, Birgunj, Pokhariya Hospital, and the Area Health Post at Thori, it is no longer available.

The District Public Health Office, Parsa stated that the shortage is because the stock of the anti-rabies vaccine has run out at the Regional Medical Store in Hetauda.

It is stated that the Narayani Sub-regional Hospital requires 800 vials, Pokhariya Hospital 500 vials and the Area Health Post at Thori 200 vials of anti-rabies vaccines per month.