Anti-VAW drive should start from people, says DPM

Biratnagar, November 27

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence Ishwor Pokhrel today said every man should change himself to end violence against women.

Speaking at a province-level interaction in Biratnagar, Minister Pokhrel said the anti-violence against women campaign should reach people’s level. “Our programme should not be limited to formality. This kind of programme should reach people’s level,” he stated, adding, “We should become agents of social awareness and change ourselves.”

Pokhrel indicated that social campaigns had become publicity-focused and said doing so would not help solve problems. He expressed confidence that the two-day programme organised by the Ministry of Women, Children and Elderly Citizens would devise a concrete work plan to fight against gender-based violence. Pokhrel argued that violence-related incidents should be made a topic of social agitation.

Pokhrel argued that federalism was yet to be implemented in a full-fledged manner. “Administrative and financial federalism are yet to be completed”, he added.

At the programme, Province 1 Chief Minister Sherdhan Rai said there was urgent need to fill the ditches of inequality and disparity existent in society.