Any option OK for peace: Khanal

KATHMANDU: CPN-UML chairman Jhalanath Khanal today said his party was open to explore ‘any option’ for to achieve peace and draft constitution through national consensus.

Emerging from the meeting with the Maoist leaders held at the Maoist parliamentary party office in Singha Durbar, Khanal said his party had put forth the six-point proposal passed by his party’s recent central committee meeting before the UCPN-Maoist, who reacted to it positively.

UML Chairman Khanal said the two parties today agreed to forge national consensus through discussions on contentious issues showing flexibility by both the parties on their existing stances.

He said the meeting also dwelt on denouncing violence, activities of YCL and appropriate management of the Maoist combatants.

Emerging from the meeting held at the Maoist parliamentary party office in Singha durbar, Home Minister Bhim Rawal said the six-point proposal of his party for ending the protracted political deadlock also included an option of power sharing. He reiterated that his party was ready to explore ‘all options’, hinting that the UML could be ready for power sharing if the Maoists agreed on the party’s proposals. “Issue of power sharing is not a new development,” he said.

The six-point proposal includes ways to transform UCPN-M into a civilian political party.

While UCPN-M chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said the meeting was held as per the agreement made during the latest meeting of the High Level Political Mechanism. “We have agreed to draw a conclusion on the new agreement in the tripartite meeting to be held on Tuesday, discussing the developments made during the talks held with the NC and UML,” he said.

Meanwhile, the UCPN-M and the Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum leaders met at the Maoist parliamentary party office this morning.

Jaya Prakash Gupta, MJF joint-president, said both the parties agreed to seek alternatives to the government, as they concluded that the existing government could not lead the peace process.

He said his party would intensify agitation against the government, as the incumbent Madhav Kumar Nepal-led government was incompetent to lead the peace process to a logical end.

Gupta claimed that beginning today demonstrations would be staged across the nation as per the scheduled plan of the party. The party cadres would show black flags to the prime minister and the ministers. He said the Maoists should also be flexible in creating a conducive environment for resolving the contentious issues in the statute-drafting process.

Gupta said his party urged the Maoists to move ahead by forging consensus with other parties to promulgate the new constitution within the stipulated time.

‘Bhattarai’s statement regressive’

KATHMANDU: Commenting on former PM Krishna Prasad Bhattarai’s remark to revive the 1990 constitution, UML Chairman Jhalanath Khanal said the rightist and regressive forces were raising their ugly heads. “The forces, who brought Loktantra in the country, should show their commitment to the peace process in a united manner,” he said. — HNS