APF team leaves for UN mission in Liberia

KATHMANDU: A 120-member team of Armed Police Force left last night to assist the United Nations Mission in Liberia.

A statement issued by the APF Headquarters today said that the team had departed as per the request of the United Nations.

Additional Inspector

General Shailendra

Kumar Shrestha of

the APF bade farewell

to the team.

AGI Shrestha said that the APF was a success in a short period due to the overall effort and contribution of the APF officers and cadets. “The team will perform their best and achieve fame and dignity for the organisation and the nation in the international arena,” he said.

Shrestha said the APF was playing a significant role in the international arena owing it to the dedication of the security force.

He also said that the APF played a significant role to maintain peace in the country and foreign lands.

The team comprising of 12 senior officers including SPs Khadananda Chaudhari and Ram Prakash Shrestha will work in Liberia for the next six months.

There are two separate armed police

units in Liberia. Each unit consists of 120 members. The APF has been involved in the mission since 2003.