Argentine celeb dedicates Everest victory to promotion of Nepal tourism

KATHMANDU: A Latin American actor who returned from the summit of Mt Everest said on Wednesday that his team came to Nepal this spring to give the world a message that the Himalayan country was all safe to travel in the aftermath of devastating earthquake.

Speaking at a press meet in Kathmandu, Argentine actor and musician Facundo Arana Tagle said that he was overwhelmed by the support of Nepali communities, especially Sherpas who helped his team to reach the top of the world from the northern side. “Nepal is all safe for travellers and the country’s flora and fauna are awesome,” he added.

Facundo was a part of an 18-member expedition team managed by TAGnepal Treks & Expedition. The team members successfully stood atop the summit on May 23.

He said that his plan to make an attempt to climb the Mt Everest from Nepal side had remained unsuccessful after he complained of high altitude pulmonary as well as cerebral edema at the base camp at 5,364 metres, leading to his emergency evacuation to Kathmandu in 2012. “But, we successfully did it this time,” he said.

Facundo (44) is the winner of various television and theatre awards in Argentina. Arana’s name is well known to lovers of Argentine serials.

During his long career after stepping into the world of big screen in 2004, this impressive macho has played a myriad of roles in a variety of soap operas and television novels, according to Govinda Gurung, Managing Director at TAGnepal.

Meanwhile, María Alejandra Ulehla also became the first Argentine woman to reach to the summit from Tibet side. “It is all about courage and willpower,” she told the media persons. It was a memorable trip to Nepal for us, she added.

Other climbers Azim Afif and Farul Aidib Bin Mahamad Yusoff, became the first Malaysians to climb Mt Everest from north side. “We tried hard in the past years but had faced back-to-back disasters on the base camp. But, we made it this time,” Azim said.

According to him, Farul Aidib (22) also holds a record to be the youngest Malaysian to reach to the roof of the world.

Tendi Sherpa, Director at TAGNepal, also successfully climbed Mt Everest for the eleventh time this year. “Our team made 100 per cent success on the mountain this time,” he said

According to him, Aldo Hiram Valenci from Mexico, Elizabeth Barbara from Canada, Argentines Ulises Javier and Juan Boseli as well as Nicolas Bossard from Switzerland also summited the Mt Everest along with their climbing Sherpas.