Arun III-affected families to get compensation

Bhojpur, October 26

The Arun III Hydro power project is all set to provide compensation to the project affected households in Sankhuwasabha.

The compensation amount has been fixed on the basis of the market price of the land that each individual has provided for the project.

Chief District Officer of Bhojpur Khum Kanta Acharya said they were preparing to provide the compensation amount as soon as possible because the infrastructure development works could only move forward after the distribution of compensation as per the agreement between the administration and locals.

The administration has fixed various rates for lands at four VDCs, taking into account the type of land and arability. Locals of the project affected areas are required to drop an application to receive the compensation within 35 days.

As per the understanding, the locals of Pathibhara, Num, Diding and Yafu will be provided with Rs 8.25 lakh per ropani for uncultivated land and Rs 9.07 lakh per ropani for cultivated land. Similarly, compensation of Rs 1.43 million per ropani has been fixed of cardamom fields and Rs 1.2 million per ropani for land with crop fields.

If the land is adjoining to the North-south of Koshi Highway, additional 20 per cent compensation will be provided.

However, the administration had agreed to provide more compensation for plotted lands. A plot of land is extended to 200 square metres. As much as Rs 12.37 lakh has been fixed for each land plot at Fyaksinda Dobhan while Rs 11 lakh each has been fixed for land plots located in other places.

Similarly, higher valuation has been fixed for the physical infrastructure at Didang and Yafu VDCs. The administration will provide Rs 7,705 per ropani for land development expenses, Rs 60,000 for migration, Rs 30,000 for three months’ house rent besides Rs 4,800 for labour charge to each project affected family.

Similarly, each individual will be provided with Rs 13,604 for six months for food security. Each cardamom farmer will be provided with Rs 6,000 per ropani and Rs 15,000 each for all traders for six months.

Likewise, special allowance will be provided to the single and elderly citizens above 60 years of age for their care. The administration will provide equal compensation for plants and fruits in all the VDCs.

As much as Rs 24,583 has been fixed as compensation for a single mango tree, Rs 17,302 for each pomegranate tree and Rs 11,083 for each orange tree. The least amount of compensation will be provided for pineapple trees with Rs 200 per plant. Similarly, a non-flowering plant will be paid from Rs 845 to Rs 3,183, based on the plant’s age.

A rosary beads tree will be paid from Rs 845 to Rs 2,522,based on its age. Each tree used for firewood and fodder will be paid Rs 2,500 and Rs 6,000 per bamboo bush.

Indian company Satalaj has won the bid to construct the 900 MW project at an estimated budget of Rs 104 billion.

The government will use 29.9 per cent of the total electricity generated from the project free of cost and the project will be handed over to the government after 25 years into operation.