Nepal | March 31, 2020

Arun Khola bridge damaged in truck collision, traffic halted for repair

Shreeram Sigdel

NAWALPUR: Vehicular movement has been disrupted along the Nawalpur section of East-West Highway after a bridge over Arun Khola was damaged in a truck collision on Wednesday.

According to police, the truck (Na 6 Kha 471) heading in the westward direction collided with the metal structures at the sides of the bridge in Nawalpur, damaging the bridge. Traffic over the bridge was stopped after the bridge bent 1.5 metres downward during the collision.

Arun Khola bridge damage

The truck that crashed on to the Arun Khola bridge in Nawalpur, on Wednesday, August 14, 2019. Photo: Shreeram Sigdel/ THT

One part of the bridge is damaged and the truck itself was stuck in the metal structures, informed Nawalpur Police, adding that attempts to pull out the vehicle was going on. However, even after the truck is pulled out, it is unsafe for large vehicles to cross the bridge until the structure is fully repaired, police added.

Large numbers of vehicles including passengers buses have lined up at both ends of the bridge after the accident.

As the repair of the bridge is unlikely to finish immediately, police offices in Butwal and Chitwan have been informed and requested to operate an alternate route, informed Nawalpur Police.

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