Aug 11 ruling to solve VP oath row

KATHMANDU: The government has not made expected progress in order to sort out the debate ensued following the Supreme Court order on Vice President Paramananda Jha's Hindi oath.

Despite the apex court verdict that directed VP Jha to take a fresh oath in Nepali language, it has been ineffective even after 15 days of its issuance as the VP has been adamant to follow the court ruling.

On Monday, Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal had informed President Dr Ram Baran Yadav that he would consult the legal experts and would find out the appropriate way.

"I cannot say what would be the solution as Prime Minister is still consulting political leaders and lawyers," the PM's political advisor Raghujee Pant told The Himalayan Times today. The PM had consulted lawyers for three rounds before meeting the President but amicable solution was still eluding.

"PM Nepal has also been consulting with the political leaders," Pant added.

In his meeting with President Yadav, the PM had said that he would suggest the President after consulting the legal experts on what should be done to solve the issue.

Rajendra Dahal, press advisor to President Dr Yadav, however, said that the President had been waiting for the government's decision. "We've to wait the apex court ruling scheduled for August 11 which may provide appropriate solution," he added.

"Either he (VP) should be ready to take the fresh oath in Nepali as directed by the court or the court itself should give the way out," Dahal said adding that the President had no option. Attorney General Pro Dr Bharat Bahadur Karki also said that the PM did not seek further advice from him as the court order was already forwarded for its execution. "There is a need to sort out the issue both politically and legally," Dr Karki said. "We are also waiting for the apex court hearing slated after five days on contempt of court case which may give possible solution," he added.

In order to face the contempt of court charge, VP Jha has been told to attend himself or send legal representative to defend the case on August 11.