'Representation on basis of population, provincial autonomy must for political stability'

RAJBIRAJ: Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Chairman Upendra Yadav on Monday morning said that a phase of founding nation on federal democratic republic would complete after the December 7 parliamentary and provincial elections.

In a programme organised by the Federal Press Forum in Rajbiraj, Saptari district this morning, FSF-N Chair Yadav said that the time had come to take proportional lead by the Indigenous people and nationalities, Dalit, Madhesi, among other marginalised communities which, he said, was yet to be completed. He opined that the election was suitable to address several agitations and rebellions carried out by Madhesis in the past. He expressed his belief that political stability could not be achieved unless the representation system was established on the basis of population, and provincial autonomous was established. He added that the election was helpful in demolishing a traditional ruling system.

The FSF-N chair said that people in Madhes were reeling under the poverty and unemployment as the nation understated Madhesi communities among others in Tarai. He accused the former rulers of neglecting the Madhes and its people.

FSF-N Parliamentary Saptari Constituency No. 2 candidate Yadav asserted that he had competed the election from his birth place this time on the advice from the local cadres.

FSF-N chair said, "It is a glorious opportunity to compete the election from Saptari district which has produced great revolutionaries as late Gajendra Narayan Singh , Ram Raja Prasad Singh, Rameshwar Singh."

Yadav said that it was unfortunate to say that Saptari was the third in terms of backward, despite the fact that it has potential to develop in other sectors, apart from agriculture.

The FSF-N chair assured that Province No. 2 would be made Madhes Province and a campaign would be launched to make it autonomous.

Responding to a query that Ram Raja Prasad Singh was denied by FSF-N for the post of president after the first Constituency Assembly polls were held, the party chair Yadav blamed Maoist instead. He said, "There was an agreement with Maoists that their candidates would get presidential post and the Forum-Nepal would get vice-presidential post. But due to the conspiracy of Maoists to take both, Ram Raja lost."

On a different context, the Madhesi leader Yadav said that the government was unable to make the security system reliable and added that the series of bomb attacks on candidates taking place were enough to prove it.