Backward Class Community warns of indefinite strike

KATHMANDU: The workers of the Nepal Backward Class Federation today staged one-hour sit-in protest in front of the Ministry of Local Development to pressurise the government to fulfill their 8-point demands.

Issuing a press statement in the capital, the federation said that the 33 per cent of the total population in the country were deprived of the fundamental rights in the country. “Millions of rupees donated by the international communities to the communities were misused,” the statement maintained. The federation demanded a probe into the misuse.

Kaushal Kumar Singh, president of the federation, warned to file a corruption case for Rs 37.5 million at the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority. Singh also warned of an indefinite strike in the country if their demands were not addressed in time.

The demands that the federation had submitted to the prime minister include establishment of an academy for the community, reservation quotas in different service sectors, scholarships from primary to higher education and agricultural loan on 3 per cent of interest.