RAUTAHAT: Sadbhawana Party Chairman Rajendra Mahato said that the country's bad days would begin if the local level elections were held without provincial border delineation based on demands of United Democratic Madhesi Front.

Speaking at a press meet organised by Rautahat-based Press Manch Nepal in Gaur on Friday, Mahato said that Madhesi parties also wanted to participate in the upcoming local elections, but the major political parties kept them out of it.

Mahato accused major political parties of hatching a conspiracy against the Madhesi people to keep Madhesis out of the state power.

The leader also claimed Madhesis were deceived during the formation of municipalities and rural municipalities.

If the local bodies were not established based on the population density, none of the local bodies would allowed to be operated in the Madhes districts, he threatened.

He reiterated that if Madhesi people's demands were not addressed through the Constitution amendment, the Madhesi parties would boycott the polls.