Bajura, January 14

Construction of a Bailey bridge over the Kawadi River along the Karnali Corridor was recently completed.

The bridge links Bajura and Humla districts.

With completion of the bridge, transport service to Humla is expected to resume in a month. According to Nepali Army, construction of the Bailey bridge was completed along the Karnali Corridor road section. Earlier, during the rainy season, construction work had hit a snag as supply of materials had been a problem.

Tajakot Maila Rural Municipality Chairman Bagdal Malla said locals in Humla district were elated at the prospect of availing transportation facility with the completion of the Bailey bridge.

Captain at Tithichaur Camp in Karnali Corridor Shankar Silwal said transport service would start within a month up to Gulfagada of Adanchuli Rural Municipality in Humla.