Baitadi health institutions face medicine shortage

BAITADI: Supply of different medicines to Baitadi, a hilly district in the Far-Western Region, has been severely affected due to the ongoing protests in various parts of Tarai region.

Chief of the District Health Office, Dr Gunaraj Awasthi, said that supply of the medicines to the district has come to a grinding halt because of strike in the Tarai districts.

Awasthi said that the District Health Office was not able to supply the medicines to the health institutions as there was no import of drugs from the centre.

All 68 health institutions in the district have been hit hard due to lack of sufficient drugs and the patients are not likely to get medicines if the supply was not resumed by this month, he added.

The health institutions provide 42 different types of medicines for free to the locals but there is crisis of almost all the medicines, Dr Awasthi shared.

It has been learned that the stock of the vaccines to be given to the children is only for this month.