Bajura among top ten districts in health

Bajura, April 23

Ranked lowest in the Human Development Index among all districts in Nepal, Bajura’s health sector has seen an upturn in recent years, thanks to donations from various agencies and increased government focus.

As per data available with the government, 64 per cent of the population is the district lives under the poverty line.

However, the district has seen a large number of health reforms in the past three years, increasing its health sector ranking of 19th in 2013/14 to 6th in 2016/17 in the country.

“Bajura was listed among the top ten districts in the health sector in the country last fiscal. The ranking was based on indicators such as vaccination drive reach, nutrition level, women’s health, family planning, and safe motherhood,” informed District Health Chief Dr Rup Chandra BK.

The district would not have doctors for months in the hospital and primary health centre until a few years ago.

Today, the district has six doctors, including specialists such as an MDGP, a dental surgeon, and four medical officers who have been working there for the last two years. Five of these doctors work at the district hospital, while the Kolti Primary Health Centre employs a medical officer.

“We try our best to cure all patients in the district, even by borrowing medicines from other places,” said Dr Durga Raj Maharjan.

The district hospital’s medical equipment has also been upgraded with a well-facilitated laboratory, an ECG machine, and a video x-ray machine.

“Now, fewer patients have to travel to other districts for health check-up,” Dr BK said.