Bajura girls gradually leave schools for want of 'friendly toilets'

BAJURA: Lack of women-friendly toilets at most of the schools in Bajura district has added woes to the girls during their mensuration period.

Nira Badu, a 10th grader at a local school in Barhabis of the district, said most of the girls hesitate to go to school during their period as the schools lack what she calls women-friendly toilets. She added that most of the water taps at the schools are without any drop of water.

At least girls remain absent for 36 days in a year due to lack of sanitation infrastructures at the schools, claimed local women rights activists. Even if some schools have infrastructures, they are unused for want of water, informed students.

A school teacher Satya Kumari Thapa said girls' attendance is very irregular during their period.

According to Dharmaraj Joshi, a School Inspector in the distirct, sanitation facilities developed almost every year get ruined without any use thanks to lack of water in the toilets and poor management.

Women Rights Forum chairperson Rukmani Shah said the government and non-governmental organisations have been allocating budgets for the construction of women-friendly toilets for girls, but they have not been managed properly.

Dharmaraj Jaisi, a teacher at Kada Higher Secondary School said the lack of women-friendly latrines has forced the student to be irregular in their class.

Some have even dropped their studies due to the same reason, he claimed.