Bajura locals elated from health facilities on their doorstep

BAJURA: Locals of Kolti-4 in Bajura district are at ease in terms of health facilities they get as necessary medicines are distributed and check-ups are being conducted on a monthly basis.

With the monthly medical services in the district, locals now do not require to walk for hours to the nearby Primary Health Centre or a day to the Bajura District Health Office for the medical services.

Just take a case. A 60-year-old Bankla Luwar was suffering from acute respiratory infection and had a hard time acquiring medicines on time. The monthly services have made Luwar’s treatment easy.

Another local, 70-year-old Haste Rokaya, suffering from asthma, has also benefitted from the services. Otherwise, he neither had energy, nor money required to reach other health facilities.

The monthly medical services are being provided locally by a non-governmental organisation, Phase Nepal, on 15th day of every Nepal month for last one-and-half years.

A staffer of Phase Nepal, Muna Magar, says they treat about 100 patients at a time. They provide about 140 different medicines to the needy.

Programme Manager Raj Shahi informs that they provide similar facilities at Rugin, Bichchhanya and Wai VDCs of the district.

The Phase Nepal has reached remote villages of Humla, Bajura, Mugu, Sindhupalchok, Kavre and Gorkha districts as well.