Bajura students quit studies due to lack of higher education institute

BAJURA: Majority of female students from Himali Rural Municipality 1, 2 and 3 are compelled to quit their studies after taking Secondary Education Examination (SEE) due to lack of a school or an institution offering higher secondary education in the area.

After passing SEE, Kabita Bohara of Himali Rural Municipality-2 was deprived of higher education and as such, was compelled to get married at a tender age.

According to Himali Rural Municipality-1 Ward Chair Laljit Thapa, 62 students had appeared in last year's SEE, among which 15 were female and only three of them left for higher education elsewhere.

Rural Municipality Chair Govinda Bahadur Malla said, "After the SEE, students have to travel for three days to join Janaprakash Higher Secondary School located in Budinanda Municipality and Ratapani in Mugu district."

Himali Rural Municipality-3 Ward Chair Dhyan Rokaya said, due to financial constraints, efforts to establish a higher secondary school in the area have been affected.

It takes a four-day hike from Martadi, district headquarters, to reach remote Himali Rural Municipality, which occupies 30 per cent territory of Bajura district.

Himali Rural Municipality 1, 2 and 3 has a population of around 3,600 people.