Bajura’s ODF status limited only to paper

Bajura, December 31

Bajura district was declared open defecation free zone four years ago. However, the locals’ tendency to defecate in open spaces has not ended, limiting the ODF declaration only to paper.

The district was declared open defecation free zone on 10 December 2014.

Stakeholders, however, say people at many places are still forced to defecate in open places owing to lack of water.

Some toilets have been constructed just to show off, while latrines at some places have been shut due to lack of water.

The district was declared the ODF zone in the belief that 100 per cent families had constructed latrines. Moreover, the government and non-governmental organisations have spent millions on sanitation and cleanliness campaign.

According to Civil Society member, Bajura, Laxmiraj Padhyay, many people are forced to defecate in open places for various reasons. Many toilets constructed at homes and schools have gone out of use.

A local teacher from Maradi, Janesh Bhandari, said shortage of water and carelessness on the part of locals were the causes behind defecation in open places.  “The ODF is just on paper, not implemented,” said Bhandari. According to him, people from many organisations pressured them to build toilets but none of them ever suggested about water management for the use of toilet. “Lack of water has forced locals to shut toilets,” he said.