Bar on strike in delivery of essential services


The Government of Nepal has imposed a ban on strike or bandh in production, supply, sale and distribution of 25 essential goods and services amid the COVID pandemic.

As per a notice published by the Ministry of Home Affairs in Nepal Gazette yesterday, the ban was imposed in exercise of the powers conferred by Section 3 (1) of the Essential Services Operation Act 1957, to make necessary arrangements for smooth supply of essential goods and services systematically. Each order for prohibition on strike in essential services is effective for six months until it is renewed.

As per the notice, the government has expanded the areas of essential goods and services to 25 from the existing 22 where strike or bandh is prohibited.

The newly added areas of essential goods and services are related to services provided by the Department of Consular Services and the Department of Passport, and internet service.

The essential goods and services continued by the government for prohibition of strike or bandh include weather forecast, flood forecast and early warning information system,surgical mask, hand sanitiser, veterinary service, postal, telegram or telephone services, transportation services (road, water and air) and airport runway and aeroplane repair and maintenance services.

The government has also banned strike in the mint or government press, any service of defence affairs of the government related to the function of arms, ammunition or production of any military goods and services concerning internal security, communications, and services pertaining to internal security.

The other service areas comprise water supply and distribution, tourism sector, supply of petroleum products, health services in hospitals and health centres, ambulance, production and sale/ distribution of medicines, waste management, banking, insurance, electricity supply, transportation, storage and distribution of consumer goods.