Himalayan News Service

Bara, January 17

Inspection of water from tube wells in 14 VDCs of Bara district has revealed that the water is unfit for drinking due to the high arsenic content in it.

The inspection was done jointly by a 13-member team of UNICEF Nepal, the Department of Drinking Water and the Red Cross Society. According to the Red Cross Society, Bara, water from 148 tube wells of the Dharmanagar VDC has a high arsenic content of more than 50 ppb.

Water from 56 tube wells of Matiarwa VDC, 47 tube wells of Raghunathpur, 72 tube wells of Motisar, 41 of Purainia and 16 tube wells of Bishrampur is highly contaminated with arsenic.

Water from 29 tube wells of Basatpur, nine of Barainia, 17 of Chatwa, 12 of Jhitkaiya, two

of Parsauni, 200 of Banjariya

and 28 of Bahuari have high arsenic levels.

The arsenic-contaminated water of the tube wells would be retested, the Red Cross has said.