Barme, a village far-flung

PANCHTHAR: Barme village lies in the remotest part of Panchthar and is also located at the highest altitude in the district.

People going to Barme village walk for one day from Chyangthapu Bazaar. It is a village consisting of only 17 houses, located in Yangwarak Rural Municipality-2, and is the last village there is in Panchthar district.

The isolated village does not just lack many of the essential infrastructures such as transportation and communication networks, education and health facilities, but has also not been visited by political leaders.

Padam Bhattarai, a local of the village, lamented that many don’t even know the place they are from; while those listening to their stories are even fewer.

Another local, Dip Rai said that had there been roads to connect their village with the rest of the district, half the problems would have vanished.

Site visits for transportation development are being carried out, but complete technical analysis is yet to take place.