Basis for federal republican constitution laid: PM

He claimed that the his government would deliver the much-awaited statute soon.

PM Koirala said that the promulgation of statute would ensure political stability and strong democracy in the country. “Constitution is a must so as to protect the achievements of the historical 2006 people’s movement. Peace, stability and development are crucial factors for the country at present,” he said.

He stated that all the parties and general public should be united at the time of national crisis in order to send out positive message to the global community.

Meanwhile, a group of dissident NC cadres had tried to obstruct the felicitation programme for the party cadres who were imprisoned during the 2006 uprising.

Nepali Congress activists Baikuntha Shreebastav, Nabin Singh, former NC district committee member

Shaharum Raut Gaddhi, regional chairperson Birendra Patel among others enchanted slogans against

the organisers. The agitating activists had also tried to jostle to the stage. Volunteers and security personnel had to use force to take the situation under control.