Beni Bazaar, district headquarters of Myagdi, is at a high risk of erosion after the overflowing Kaligandaki river swept away the embankment in Beni Municipality-8 of the district.

The swollen Kaligandaki River washed away a swathe of embanked land at Sangamchowk and along the Kalipul Bus Park area.

According to Thakur Sharma, chair of Campus Chowk Tole Sudhar Samiti, the river swept away over 30 metres of the embankment and caused erosion towards the market area.

"The flood has broken down the embankment and has started eroding land towards the market area", he said, adding, "Beni Bazaar will suffer further damages if the flood continues at this pace and the situation is not timely addressed"

A cemented and gabion wall is currently under construction along the Kaligandaki and Myagdi rivers banks for the protection of Beni Bazaar through Rupatal Integrated Development Project.

As many as 1,000 families are residing in Beni Bazaar located in Beni-7 with a cluster of over 30 government office buildings. The flooding of the river has posed serious threat to the human settlements as well as the government office cluster in Beni Bazaar.