Besishahar-Chame road ‘out-of-order’ during monsoon

LAMJUNG: Residents of Manang district have been suffering for long due to the debilitated state of the only roadway connecting the district to Lamjung during monsoon.

Constant landslides along various stretches in the Besishahar-Chame road obstruct movement of vehicles, almost on a daily basis in the rainy season, even after 23 years since it came into operation.

Vehicles and even pedestrians face grave dangers while travelling on the track along the steep hills.

Residents in both the districts say that various governments that formed in these two decades are responsible for the failure in elevating the state of the road, owing to their negligence in connecting headquarters of the two districts.

Due to a landslide triggered by incessant rain of Tuesday night, movement along the road was obstructed again, which lead to a complete disruption of vehicular movements while many passengers were stranded.

According to Chief District Officer Jhanka Prasad Dhakal, the Distict Administration Office sends dozers being used in various projects in the district at the landslide sites to remove the landslide debris to allow passage of vehicles.

The Nepal Army had handed over the track constructed over 19 years to the Department of Roads.

The 65 kilometre 'off-road-experience' requires eight hours of travel, a thousand rupees fare and whole lot of guts given the rough, 'exciting' state of tracks.