Accused an acquaintance of the Bhatta family


Police have made a breakthrough in the sexual assault and murder case of Baitadi teen Bhagarathi Bhatta.

Spokesperson for Sudur Pashchim Province Police SSP Mukesh Kumar Singh said that the accused was the victim's school mate and has already confessed to his crimes afore the investigation team.

As per the detainees' initial statement, the criminal act of strangulation to death after rape was motivated by personal grudge.

The culprit, also a 17-year-old, who went to the same school as Bhagarathi and was her neighbour, said in his confession that his family and the victim's family had strained relations. "I killed her after raping her due to the same reason."

He further admitted that he was waiting for the 'right opportunity' to act on his premeditated plans to assault Bhagarathi.

The detainee is currently under custody at the Baitadi District Police Office.

The police further informed that the identity of the person will be revealed amid a press conference, today.

Police had detained dozens of people including a public office holder in Mahendranagar for conducting investigation into the case.

Bhagarathi, who had attended her school and left for home on February 3 never made it home. She was found the next day, lifeless, in a local community forest on February 4.

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