Bharatpur Hospital sets up isolation ward as worldwide cases of coronavirus rise

CHITWAN: Bharatpur Hospital in Chitwan district has set up an isolation ward for patients who come for treatment with symptoms of coronavirus, as the infection has created a global health emergency.

The hospital is on high alert after the virus infected thousands and killed over 250 people in neighbouring China.

Medical Superintendent Shreeram Tiwari was quoted in Rastriya Samachar Samiti as saying that the isolation ward was established, as a measure of readiness, to provide special treatment to those suspected of coronavirus. The isolation ward has five beds.

The health facility has also arranged to conduct tests if such need arises and send the specimen to National Public Health Laboratory, Kathmandu.

Furthermore, it has been learnt that publishing of awareness materials such as posters and pamphlets on coronavirus is underway to disseminate them to the larger public. As precautionary measures, people have been advised to maintain cleanliness and personal hygiene, and consult doctors immediately in case of flu-like symptoms.

World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global health emergency on Friday after death toll from the virus in China crossed 200 and overall cases worldwide started to rise. Similarly, WHO South-East Asia, on Thursday, urged countries in the Region to remain vigilant and strengthen readiness to rapidly detect any case of importation of the new coronavirus and prevent its spread.