Bhattarai calls for proportional participation of ethnic communities

KATHMANDU: Naya Shakti Nepal Coordinator Dr Baburam Bhattarai on Friday pitched for the proportional participation of all ethnic communities for the development and prosperity of the state.

Addressing the first national gathering of the Tamang National Council (TNC) today, he pointed out the importance of pluralistic society in Nepal, currently housing various types of communities.

Saying his party was active to ensure the rights of all ethnic communities and conserve and protect their cultures, he said, "Certain percent of various communities like Khas, Arya, Madhesi, Indigenous and Dalit should cluster together."

Likewise, Naya Shakti Assistant Coordinator Ram Chandra Jha and leader Devendra Poudel stated the contribution and importance of Tamang community in building a 'modern' Nepal.

According to the Census of 2068 BS, the Tamang population is 6 per cent.