Bhattarai for anti-monarchy alliance

Gorkha, March 29:

Maoist ideologue Dr Baburam Bhattarai, who is contesting the CA polls from Constituency-2 in his home district, today called for a broader alliance to bid the monarchy adieu.

“The monarchy that started with ‘ka’ — the first vernacular alphabet — has come down to ‘gya’ — the last alphabet”, Bhattarai said while addressing an election rally in Thantipokhari, half an hour walk away from the Luitel High School from where he topped the SLC exam 38 years ago. He was referring to the Shah dynasty that started with Kulamandan and came down to king Gyanendra.

“We need to forge an alliance to defeat the monarchy and set up a republic,” he said. “Left forces and republicans within the NC and UML should join hands with us under our leadership.”

He also urged the NC and the UML not to project the CA polls as any other parliamentary polls of the past. “At this point we need an alliance but our call for it should not be taken as a weakness,” he said. Thousands people had come to the venue from the neighbouring areas and the Gorkha district headquarters to listen to Dr Bhattarai.

Nanda Prasad Devkota (83) said he walked for three and half hours to meet with Bhattarai personally and to attend the rally. A cultural troupe, accompanying Bhattarai all the way from Kathmandu, performed skits and songs and the audience danced to folk tunes. “Please vote for Dr Bhattarai as we need him in the CA to draft a republican constitution,” said popular folk singer Badri Pangeni.

Bhattarai delivered a decent speech explaining the rational behind the CA election and attempted to attract votes from NC and UML voters present in large numbers.

He appealed to the public to remain on their toes through the election on April 10. “That day the monarchy will be consigned to flames. People will revolt if our chances of winning the election are sabotaged,” he warned. “Such a revolt will start within 12 hours after the results are declared.”