Bhattarai for reviving 1990 statute

KATHMANDU; Former Prime Minister and Nepali Congress founding member Krishna Prasad Bhattarai today called on all political parties to revive the 1990's constitution to "save the country from anarchy and uncertainty".

Octogenarian leader Bhattarai had left the NC, two-and-a-half years ago, due to his disagreement with the party's decision to go for republicanism at the expense of the constitutional monarchy.

Bhattarai said, "The country has almost entered the situation of non-existence of constitution. A situation of constitutional and political vacuum has surfaced at present because sufficient time was not given to the 1990 constitution, ending it hastily."

"If the present situation continues for a few more days, the country will have to face an adverse situation in its independence, constitutionality, social harmony and prosperity," he stated.

Bhattarai dubbed the federalism, secularism and republicanism as the "hastily imported political attires" by the parties and said, "A wide range of differences on the issues clarify that they are against Nepal's original identity and need."

"I believe that the principle of national reconciliation presented by late BP Koirala and Ganesh Man Singh will be suitable for national integrity and harmony."

Bhattarai said, "I request all political parties and citizens to press for reviving 1990 constitution taking into account the present situation - inability to write new constitution, increase in anarchy and nation's existence getting into trap is likely."